Carousel is a lightweight, responsive & easy-to-use jQuery carousel plugin. It's powered by CSS3 animations, packed with features you'll actually use while coming in at a tiny 5kb.


  • Use your own markup
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Horizonal slide and fade animations
  • Powered by ultra-smooth CSS3
  • Paged and next/previous controls
  • Multiple sliders per page
  • Full API with callbacks
  • Works with jQuery


1. Add carousel.css to your <head> or import the LESS file

2. Include carousel.js inside your HTML document after jQuery has been called.

3. Setup your HTML. Carousel needs a wrapper around a set of 2 or more slides. These can be almost any HTML tag.

4. Initialise and configure carousel.


Full list of carousel options and callbacks with their defaults. Change options after initialisation by setting values using $(element).data('carousel').settings.propertyName.


Method Description
$(element).data('carousel').next() Go to the next slide
$(element).data('carousel').prev() Go to the previous slide
$(element).data('carousel').pause() Pause the carousel
$(element).data('carousel').run() Start the carousel
$(element).data('carousel').jump( integer ) Go to the requested slide